Swisspac offers its customers one of the traditional packaging forms, the plastic bag. As experts in packaging, we have been providing plastics bags to our worldwide customers. These bags are available in various sizes and colours. Swisspac provides plastic bags at affordable and reliable forms.
We use PPE, MET, PE, LLDPE and BOPP to add to the strength and durability of our plastic bags. We provide them in several designs, as desired by the customer. The bags can be used for powders, chemicals, pharmaceutical goods, organic foods and many more.
Swisspac produces plastic bags with metalized foil pouches to elongate the shelf life of your products by protecting it from moisture and oxygen. Additional features like Euro slot, carrying-handles, oval window at the front or back, degassing valves and zipper strips can be added on the plastic bags.
We use FDA approved materials to produce high quality plastic bags. The plastic bags are available in black, blue, golden, white, red and silver with matte, glossy and shiny attributes. They are also available in eco-friendly biodegradable bags by using recyclable materials.