Beef Jerky/quanta Bags

As flexible packaging manufacturers, we are conscious of the importance of a quality package in order to extend the lifetime of your beef jerky or chicken jerky as much as possible. That is why we introduce you our top quality beef jerky bags which are manufactured with the latest technology of protective films that ensures a high protective barrier.
The advantages of using beef jerky bags with high barriers are the following:
-Reduced use of preservatives to extend the product’s life
-Keep the product away from oxygen and moisture preventing bacteria’s formation.
We have two options in order you can acquire our beef jerky bags:
Beef jerky bags in stock
In case you need an urgent delivery, we have beef jerky bags to be sent immediately. The minimum quantity to request is 1000 units and the lead time it is in the range of 7 to 10 days. The sixes of beef jerky we have in stock are the following ones:
SizeDimensions(Inch) (W X H)Dimensions(MM) (W X H)
30gm – 60gm (Without Zipper)4.92″ X 7″ 125mm(W) X 180mm(H)
60gm – 90gm (With Zipper)6.88″ x 8.85″175mm(W) X 225mm(H)

Custom beef jerky bags Custom printed pouches are made with the rotogravade technique, with this technique the client can choose until 9 printing colors. The time that requires this process is the approximately 25 days.